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Minerva /mɪˈnəːvə/ : 1. Roman goddess of wisdom, the arts, and warfare, who sprang fully-armored and adorned from the head of Jupiter. 2. Heavy stoner doom sludge outfit from Columbia, SC.



Years active:



Doom, Sludge, Stoner


Columbia, SC

Guilty Parties:

Byron Hawk (g/v)
Kevin Jennings (b/v)
Gina Ercolini (d)



MNRVA is a doom fuzz band formed in 2018 by Byron Hawk,  Kevin Jennings, and Gina Ercolini. The band plays doom metal with a fuzzy tone and a  sludgy vibe, producing a style and sound that is ultimately uncategorizable but always heavy. The band’s mid-slow tempo tracks highlight strong, catchy songwriting with varying vocal styles, drawing on a progressive sense of arrangement, groove-laden riffs, and a garage aesthetic. Their debut EP "Black Sky" received numerous positive reviews and paved the way for their full-length release coming out on Black Doomba Records. The album was recorded at The Jam Room Recording Studio where southeastern U.S. heavyweights such as Baroness, Black Tusk, and Kylesa have recorded. MNRVA continues in this tradition by blending the guitar grind of the Melvins, the vocal interplay of Mastodon, and the post-doom heaviness of Bereft.

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It’s as heavy as you can get. . . . Slower, moving like a river of tar, it takes you to dark places. Can’t fault this. It’s doom with an edge of horror. I’m not sure I could listen to a full album without some kind of mental health relapse, but considering that it’s the first effort, it’s good.




There’s a psychedelic tinge kneading this South Carolina trio’s sludge/stoner/doom. . . . harrowing elements of music best experienced on the brink of collapse.


--Metal Hammer


[With] their debut EP, they do prove to be well in charge of where their songs head in terms of mood and the atmosphere. . . . Indeed, it’s those harsher aspects that help MNRVA immediately establish their individuality, and the vibe across these 18-plus minutes is that the punishment is only getting started.


--The Obelisk


This debut EP . . . is a raw, sludge laden fist in the solar plexus of a thing. . . . What a rough-edged, rumbling thing of beauty. . . . We await the onslaught of a full-length LP with keen anticipation.


--The Midlands Rocks


To say this is a great start for a young band would be an understatement.


--Nine Circles


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